Benefits from choosing Goalplan

Sales Manager

"I have missed a tool like Goalplan that can help me to motivate my staff to reach their goals. When sales staff get a better under-standing of their goals and achievements, it becomes a trigger for them to work even harder. Goalplan saves me a lot of time and I can focus my efforts on developing and coach my staff."

Thanks to Goalplan, individual employees now understand how effort and performance contribute to the joint bottom line. Commitment, engagement and results is what I desire, and what we achieve with Goalplan. Average basket value increased 40% relative to previous year before Goalplan was used. 

Sales Director

"I'm a competetive person and want to gave goal at work. With Goalplan then I can go back and compare my achievements with my colleagues, analyze and see what I need to improve or prepare for the coming week to increase my sales figures."

Sales Rep.

Gather the whole Performance Management Process in One Tool

Improve decisions & actions with better insights

Integrations and transparency combined with machine learning gives you actionable realtime data to act on both  "the small and big picture".

How ?

Optimize timing &
how you spend your time

Reduce administration time. Get automated notifications to be the difference when your staff need your coaching at the most.

How ?

Boost & Track the employee engagement

Involvement, competitions, challenges, coaching, learning, chat and team collaboration. 
Rise motivation - Lower employee turn over.

How ?

Learning & Training:
Efficient and Engaging

Speed up & build unified and inspiring learning throughout the organization with engaging
videos, presentations and quiz.

How ?

Unified sales and leadership routines & culture

Together set up goals, KPI´s and routines. Implement and realize unified culture and routines throughout the organization.

How ?

Higher revenue

... is no magic when your organisation executes great sales performance management. You should be on your way to your full profit potential when:

  • you use realtime data to execute the right decisions and actions at the right time 
  • you optimize your time spending
  • the employees are fully motivated
  • coaching and learning flow smoothly
  • you understand the impact of your actions
  • you all work in the same direction to achieve your KPIs and goals
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Goalplan Customer Testimonials

Watch interviews with
Henrik Trolander, CEO/Founder Goalplan
Lars Vonheim, CEO/Founder Nordic InPerformance

Part 1: Goalplan - An introduction

 What is Goalplan and why did Henrik Troselius
start Goalplan?

Part 3: The first customers achievements and reactions to Goalplan
Coming soon

Part 4: Goalplan - Future Development
Coming soon

Part 2: Nordic InPerformance & Goalplan

Why have Nordic InPerformance chosen to be a
Goalplan certified partner
with Goalplan?

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The Sales Performance
Management Tool


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Learn from Anna how Goalplan can improve business

Goalplan Customer

At InPerformance our vision is to make leaders "better in making others better ". 
We provide insights, trainings and tools to strengthen your efficiency 
and the impact of what you do.

This is why we love Goalplan and think you will do too.

1. Goals & KPIs2. Learning & Training3. Motivation & Engagement4. Communi-cation
5. Measure progress6. Coaching & Feedback7. Analyze & Improve

Customer experiences from Goalplan:

  • Increased number of individuals and teams
    reaching their goals

  • Increased sales despite of decrease in
    number of customers 

  • Increased conversion rates

  • Increased engagement in goals

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Gather The Whole Performance Management Process in One Tool

Integrations to fuel Goalplan with data

In addition to the data produced or gathered within Goalplan, Goalplan is made to easily gather information from like CRM, POS, ERP and customer feedback tools.  This gives you in one place insights about i.e. goals, results, sales and leadership progress, customer- and employee engagement and more.

To both give you the big holistic picture and to see in detail how everything is connected and influences performance
- so that you can target your efforts to strengthen performance and development.